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Autoantibody biomarker panels for improved disease diagnosis

Oxford Gene Technology | Added: 20 Sep 2012

This white paper provides an insight into the advantages of autoantibodies as biomarkers and review…

Oxidative Desulfurisation of Fuel Oils by Ultrasonication

Oxidative desulphurisation of fuel oils by ultrasonication

Hielscher Ultrasonics | Added: 7 Sep 2012

Hielscher describes how ultrasound can offer a better alternative to removing sulphur from crude oi…


Characterisation of Rice Dwarf virus

Malvern Instruments | Added: 5 Sep 2012

This technical note presents the characterisation of a virus protein by light scattering to find it…

The difference between count and concentration

Fluid Imaging Technologies | Added: 30 Aug 2012

Fluid Imaging Technologies describes the difference between count and concentration in a dynamic im…

Producing rapid results using micro-volume spectrophotometers

Bibby Scientific | Added: 23 Aug 2012

Two new application notes from Jenway demonstrate accuracy and precision of the Genova Nano micro-v…

Characterising agricultural spray nozzles

Malvern Instruments | Added: 15 Aug 2012

An application note from Malvern Instruments discusses the importance of droplet size in agricultur…

Focusing on results not data

Oxford Gene Technology | Added: 6 Aug 2012

Oxford Gene Technology (OGT) has released a technical note on comprehensive data analysis for targe…

Thermal imaging cameras for research and development

Flir Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) | Added: 24 Jul 2012

FLIR has released a document that details its latest uncooled thermal imaging cameras designed for …

Optimising mobile phase solvent purity for LCMS

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 23 Jul 2012

Thermo Fisher’s whitepaper highlights the benefits of using the Fisher Chemical Optima LC/MS solven…

Characterisation of branched copolymers

Malvern Instruments | Added: 23 Jul 2012

Malvern described how advanced multi-detection SEC systems can be used in the characterisation of c…

The effect of pipetting on experiment outcome

Anachem | Added: 23 Jul 2012

Anachems white paper - “The Effect of Pipetting on Experiment Outcome” - examines how pipetting err…


Sonochemical synthesis of latex

Hielscher Ultrasonics | Added: 20 Jul 2012

Hielscher Ultrasonics describes how ultrasound promotes the chemical reaction for the polymerisatio…


Precision manufactured off axis paraboloids

Optical Surfaces | Added: 18 Jul 2012

Optical Surfaces has announced a new technical datasheet describing its range of standard and custo…

Multi-Substituted Hydroxyapatites for enhanced bone replacement

Ceram | Added: 11 Jul 2012

Ceram, the materials technology company, has published a white paper, ‘Multi-Substituted Hydroxyapa…

Using ultrasonics in coffee processing

Hielscher Ultrasonics | Added: 11 Jul 2012

Hielscher describes the ultrasonic extraction of coffee compounds and how this could be beneficial …

Versatile drives for positioning applications

Physik Instrumente | Added: 4 Jul 2012

Physik Instrumente has released a technical article detailing three piezo-based drive principles.

Improved cryopreservation of human hepatocytes

Amsbio | Added: 27 Jun 2012

A report from researchers at the Karolinska Institute details an improved protocol for cryopreserva…

Tips on the correct use of refractometers

Mettler Toledo | Added: 22 Jun 2012

Characterisation of liquid samples through determining the refractive index is a straightforward pr…

Determining the CHN content of soil samples

Exeter Analytical | Added: 22 Jun 2012

An application note describes how the Carbon, Hydrogen and Nitrogen (CHN) content of soil samples c…

Optimal drying of aqueous HPLC fractions

Genevac Ltd | Added: 21 Jun 2012

Genevac details a high throughput methodology for drying High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HP…