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The actuator can be integrated into conventional mirror holders or positioning stages

Linear actuator for high resolution

Physik Instrumente | Added: 12 Mar 2014

The N-470 linear actuator from Physik Instrumente is designed to simplify the automated adjustment …

Complete ambr with analysis module and bottles

TAP bioprocess webinar

Physik Instrumente | Added: 21 Feb 2014

TAP Biosystems will be co-presenting a new bioprocess webinar with Irvine Scientific on Wednesday 1…

Linear actautor with low-profile design

Linear actuator with low-profile design

Physik Instrumente | Added: 29 Nov 2013

Physik Instrumente (PI) has replaced a conventional piezo actuator with a high-resolution piezo ste…

PIVeriMove simulation software from PI increases the operational safety of Hexapod systems.

PIVeriMove software for Hexapod systems

Physik Instrumente | Added: 12 Aug 2013

The PIVeriMove software from Physik Instrumente increases the operational safety of Hexapod systems.

PI scanner system

Scanner with piezo stepping drive

Physik Instrumente | Added: 10 Jul 2013

Physik Instrumente has announced the addition of the N-725 PIFOC objective scanner to its range.

PI launches the P-630 range of linear nanopositioning systems

PI launches piezo nanopositioning system

Physik Instrumente | Added: 8 Jul 2013

PI has launched the P-630 range of linear nanopositioning systems with large clear aperture, high c…

Linear Piezo Stage from Physik Instrumente

Linear stage from Physik Instrumente

Physik Instrumente | Added: 4 Jul 2013

For its LPS-65 positioning stage, PI miCos replaces conventional DC or stepper motors with a piezo …

Precision XY Measuring Stage from PI miCos

Precision XY measuring stage from PI miCos

Physik Instrumente | Added: 28 Mar 2013

The MCS XY stage from PI miCos for industrial measurement technology combines high guiding and posi…

New nanopositioning system based on magnetic levitation

Nanopositioning based on magnetic levitation

Physik Instrumente | Added: 7 Feb 2013

A collaboration has resulted in a prototype nanopositioning system based on the principle of magnet…


Amplifier for high electrical capacitance piezo actuators

Physik Instrumente | Added: 18 Dec 2012

Physik Instrumente’s E-482 power amplifier and controller outputs 6A peak current for high-voltage …

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