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Asynt’s Guide has been updated for 2020

Laboratory Heating Blocks - Best Practice Guide

Added: 29 Feb 2020

Asynt’s popular best practice guide for safely using laboratory heating blocks has been updated for…

Laboratory scale kit for safe heating of round bottomed flasks

Laboratory Scale Kit for Safe Heating of Round Bottom Flasks

Added: 10 Jan 2020

The DrySyn Scholar Kit from Asynt has been designed to meet the safety requirements of academic lab…

The DrySyn MAXI heating system from Asynt

Reproducible Scale-up of Medicinal Chemistry Reactions

Added: 8 Feb 2018

Medicinal chemistry specialists Charnwood Molecular (Loughborough UK) have been using the DrySyn MA…

Stuart has launched a range of Undergrad hotplate stirrer kits

Stuart hotplate stirrer kits for stirring applications

Bibby Scientific | Added: 5 Mar 2015

Bibby Scientific’s Stuart brand has launched a range of Undergrad hotplate stirrer kits that offer …

Hotplate stirrer

Undergrad hotplate stirrers from Stuart

Stuart (A Bibby Scientific brand) | Added: 8 Sep 2014

Stuart is expanding its range of Undergrad hotplate stirrers with two innovative digital models.

Porvair MicroSeal

Manual thermal plate sealer

Porvair Sciences | Added: 23 May 2013

The MicroSeal from Porvair Sciences is a microplate heat sealer designed to create a chemically res…


Imperial's search for better catalysts

Asynt | Added: 16 Apr 2013

Imperial College has selected the DrySyn MULTI and parallel synthesis kits to produce novel organom…

Stirring Hot Plate

Torrey Pines unveils programmable hot plate

Torrey Pines Scientific | Added: 19 Mar 2013

The EchoTherm large surface stirring hot plate features a 10-programme memory and temperature rampi…

TAP plate heater

Plate heater designed for cell-based applications

TAP Biosystems | Added: 5 Mar 2013

TAP Biosystems’ latest plate heater is designed specifically for cell biologists using laminar flow…


Hotplate stirrers from Stuart boast ease-of-use

Bibby Scientific | Added: 26 Nov 2012

Undergrad Hotplate Stirrers from Stuart claim to fit effortlessly into all kinds of laboratory sett…


Stirring hot plates resist corrosion

Torrey Pines Scientific | Added: 2 Jul 2012

EchoTherm programmable corrosion resistant digital stirring hot plates claim to be ideal for use wi…