All Optical microscopes

The Olympus IXplore microscope range for all your research needs

OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG | Added: 20 Mar 2018

Olympus have produced a video outlining their range of high spec light microscopes for all modern l…

CX3 Series

Olympus’ CX3 series for comfortable routine

Added: 20 Apr 2017

Olympus’ ergonomic CX43 and CX33 microscopes are designed to deliver superior comfort and reduce fa…

The FLUOVIEW FV3000 and CX23 microscopes from Olympus

iF awards recognise Olympus’ smart microscope design

Added: 6 Mar 2017

The FLUOVIEW FV3000 and CX23 microscopes from Olympus have been recognised with the international i…

SGS analyst Markus Ridder at the Olympus DSX500: When a specimen is placed beneath the microscope th

Applying microscropy to materials testing

OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG | Added: 28 May 2014

An Olympus application note demonstrates how the efficiency of opto-digital microscopy has profited…

3D cancer screening assays

Cancer imaging centres to receive £35m boost

Added: 29 Oct 2013

Cancer imaging within the UK is set to receive a £35 million pound boost in an effort to develop in…

Olympus multiphoton system

Deep-imaging multiphoton system

OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG | Added: 19 Sep 2013

The Olympus FluoView FVMPE-RS is designed for high-precision imaging enabling ultra-fast scanning a…

Olympus to exhibit at ECP 2013

Olympus to exhibit BX3 at ECP 2013

OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG | Added: 14 Aug 2013

The European Congress of Pathology (ECP) offers its exhibitors the chance to showcase their company…


Microscopy technology to be exhibited by Prior

Prior Scientific | Added: 19 Jul 2012

Prior will be exhibiting a range of its products at the European Microscopy congress on the 16th -2…


Improvements made to super resolution microscope

Keyence | Added: 10 May 2012

The VHX-2000 claims to alleviate the shortcomings of traditional optical light microscopes.

Infrared inspection tool creates smaller footprint

McBain Systems | Added: 20 Mar 2012

McBain Systems, a provider of microscopes and inspection equipment, has introduced a more affordabl…

Carl Zeiss offers redesigned scale objective lens

Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH | Added: 8 Mar 2012

Carl Zeiss has unveiled its latest scale objective lens for brain research imaging to depths of 5.6…

Olympus releases latest MPO lenses

OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG | Added: 7 Mar 2012

Olympus has unveiled its MicroProbe Objective (MPO) lenses for studying the internal biology of liv…

Carl Zeiss expands range of ZEN imaging software

Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH | Added: 17 Feb 2012

Boston-based Carl Zeiss has expanded its ZEN imaging software to drive all ZEISS light microscope s…

LED Illumination for Brightfield Microscopy

Prior Scientific | Added: 26 Jan 2012

Prior Scientific announce the latest addition to their wide range of illumination products for mic…

Confocal microscope with doubled sensitivity rate

Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH | Added: 19 Jan 2012

Carl Zeiss unit analyses single molecules at new level

Upright microscope suits clinical applications

Nikon Instruments | Added: 14 Sep 2011

Nikon Instruments has announced the release of the Eclipse Ci series, an upright microscope system …

Elliot offers microscope for forensic scientists

Elliot Scientific | Added: 5 Sep 2011

Elliot Scientific is now offering the Elixir microscope from Craic Technologies for the accurate an…

Upright microscopes offer easy one-touch operation

Nikon | Added: 5 Sep 2011

Nikon has introduced the Eclipse Ci and Ni upright microscope ranges, which are designed to be ergo…

Manual upright microscope offers 100W illumination

Nikon | Added: 5 Sep 2011

Nikon Instruments has launched the Eclipse Ni-U, a manual upright microscope that is designed to me…

Microscope for fluorescent image deconvolution

OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG | Added: 13 Jul 2011

The BX3 microscope systems from Olympus are designed to maximise the quality of fluorescence images…