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Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Laboratory Testing

Added: 16 Dec 2015

Designed to handle low flows from laminar to turbulent, and largely immune from viscosity, the Atra…

Insertion turbine flowmeters combine technology with modern materials and design

Insertion turbine flowmeters from Titan

Titan Enterprises | Added: 22 Jul 2015

Titan Enterprises’ insertion turbine flowmeters combine robust technology with modern materials and…

Dirty water flowmeters insitu

Titan flowmeter immune to dirty water

Titan Enterprises | Added: 3 Jul 2015

Titan Enterprises has developed a ‘dirty water’ ultrasonic flowmeter for Graphoidal Developments. 

Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter is a true inline non-invasive flow meter

Drug monitoring breakthrough via Titan Enterprises

Titan Enterprises | Added: 2 Jun 2015

Titan Enterprises has been working with CRISI Medical Systems to develop a unique disposable flow s…

Quick 5-Point Flow Function Test is now integrated into Powder Flow Pro Software

Powder flow tester

AMETEK Brookfield | Added: 1 May 2014

Brookfield Engineering’s Quick 5-Point Flow Function Test is now integrated into Powder Flow Pro So…

Flowmeter for applications requiring a high degree of cleanliness

Flowmeter for clean applications

Titan Enterprises | Added: 23 Sep 2013

The Atrato ultrasonic flow meter from Titan Enterprises claims to set a new standard for flow monit…

Titan Enterprises has announced a new version of its Metra-Sum

Flowmeter monitors liquid delivery

Titan Enterprises | Added: 6 Sep 2013

Titan Enterprises has announced its Metra-Sum - a low-cost, battery powered, totalising flowmeter f…

Titan produces flowmeters For OEM and bespoke applications

Titan flowmeters for bespoke applications

Titan Enterprises | Added: 19 Jun 2013

Flowmeters designed for a broad range of Original Equipment Manufacturer, private label and bespoke…

One rheometer, two EC motors, all possibilities: MCR 702 TwinDrive

Anton Paar claims rheometry revolution

Anton Paar Ltd | Added: 25 Mar 2013

Anton Paar claims the MCR 702 is the only available rheometer to cover all possible rheological app…


Flow testers provide advanced quality control

Instron | Added: 12 Oct 2012

The latest modular Instron CEAST Melt Flow Testers perform measurements according to ISO 1133-2.


Litre Meter gas flowmeters supplied to university

Litre Meter | Added: 23 Aug 2012

Cranfield University is using MilliGascounter (MGC) meters to measure ultra-low flow rates.


USB addition improves flow meter module

Alicat Scientific | Added: 25 Jul 2012

The BB9 module can monitor and control up to nine Alicat Scientific devices from a single computer.


Flow system improves organic synthesis

Uniqsis Ltd | Added: 2 Jul 2012

The ArrheniusOne flow system combines uniform heating with the continuous processing capabilities.

Control unit measures temperature and flow

Bibby Scientific | Added: 12 Oct 2011

The TC-9D control unit from Bibby Scientific incorporates a flow meter in addition to a thermocoupl…

Sierra introduces engine air intake flow meter

Sierra Instruments | Added: 28 Nov 2008

Sierra has Introduced its Air-Trak Model 628S engine air intake mass flow meter for engine testing …

Flow meter research close to completion

Litre Meter | Added: 22 Oct 2008

Litre Meter has started the third and final year of its research programme with Cambridge Universit…

Mass flow meter has fast response time

null Armstrong Optical | Added: 17 Apr 2007

A starter kit package is available for evaluation that includes the MFlow 200 mass flow meter, inte…

Cambridge research develops ultra-low flow meter

Litre Meter | Added: 2 Jan 2007

Developing technology for positive displacement flowmeters capable of measuring flow rates below 0.…

New line of transit-time ultrasonic flow meters

Sierra Instruments | Added: 26 Jul 2006

Sierra Instruments steps into the ultrasonic flowmeter market with the release of its new Innova-So…

Fully automatic calibration of flow meters

Litre Meter | Added: 3 May 2006

Sierra Cal-Soft software allows the operator of Litre Meter's Cal-TrakT SL-800 to perform fully aut…