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Spectralworks - latest company news

SpectralWorks | Added: 14 Apr 2010

14 April 2010 - Spectralworks has entered into a distribution agreement with Labcare Scientific of …

Analyzerpro software used in metabolomics research

SpectralWorks | Added: 24 Feb 2010

Analyzerpro software

SpectralWorks supplies data mining for research

SpectralWorks | Added: 4 Nov 2009

AnalyzerPro MS Data Mining Software

FarHawk to distribute SpectralWorks products

SpectralWorks | Added: 16 Oct 2009

FarHawk distribution

Analyzerpro v2.2.0.6 released by Spectralworks

SpectralWorks | Added: 16 Dec 2008

Analyzerpro v2.2.0.6

Open access mass spec at Southampton

SpectralWorks | Added: 4 May 2007


Three firms create joint sales channel

SpectralWorks | Added: 16 Jun 2006

Sorbus Analytical


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