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Latest Articles

Digital microscope for fluorescent cell imaging

Wisbiomed | Added: 12 Aug 2010

Digital inverted microscope

Wisbiomed to distribute automated cell counter

Wisbiomed | Added: 10 Mar 2010

Automated cell counter

Technology seminars co-organised by Wisbiomed

Wisbiomed | Added: 8 May 2007

Micro flow imaging seminars

Kits for T cell receptor clonality analysis

Wisbiomed | Added: 11 Apr 2007

TCRexpress kits

TCRexpress for T cell clone screening

Wisbiomed | Added: 9 Mar 2007

TCRexpress clone screening kit

Wisbiomed signs agreement with Biotrue

Wisbiomed | Added: 13 Oct 2006

Wisbiomed has entered into a non-exclusive representative agreement with Biotrue for the territory …

Wisbiomed signs distribution deal with Wealtec

Wisbiomed | Added: 25 Jan 2006

Dolphin Imaging series


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