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The Omnitronics controller is driven by an industrial-grade programmable logic controller

Application Specific Programmed Freeze Dryer

SP Scientific | Added: 5 Sep 2018

SP Scientific’s Benchtop Pro freeze dryers now include an Omnitronics controller as standard to ena…

The Horizontal Drum Manifold is designed to maximise the performance SP Scientific's BenchTop Pro fr

Bulk and freeze drying add-on

SP Scientific | Added: 12 Aug 2015

SP Scientific has launched its Horizontal Drum Manifold - designed to maximise the performance of i…

SP Scientific has announced its summer 2014 programme

Summer webinar programme

SP Scientific | Added: 25 Jun 2014

SP Scientific has announced its summer 2014 programme of LyoLearn webinars. 

SP Scientific will continue to run its four-day Lyophilisation Laboratory training courses

SP Scientific expands training lab

SP Scientific | Added: 2 Jun 2014

SP Scientific has announced further investment into its state-of-the-art training and demonstration…

The ergonomically designed AdVantage Pro features an Intellitronics controller for enhanced function

Versatile benchtop freeze dryer

SP Scientific | Added: 29 Apr 2014

SP Scientific has launched the AdVantage Pro laboratory freeze dryer, combining development and pil…

ControLyo Nucleation On-Demand Technology allows the user to control the nucleation temperature duri

Lyophilisation supply agreement

SP Scientific | Added: 20 Jan 2014

SP Scientific is supplying AAIPharma Services with equipment to boost its lyophilisation developmen…

Webinar programme from SP Scientific

SP Scientific announces LyoLearn webinar

SP Scientific | Added: 5 Dec 2013

Due to run on 22nd January 2014, the webinar entitled ’Secondary Drying Optimization for Proteinace…

SP Scientific freeze drying

Energy efficient freeze drying

SP Scientific | Added: 5 Sep 2013

SP Scientific has produced a technical brief that summarises the energy saving features available o…

Dr. John Carpenter

LyoLearn webinar from SP Scientific

SP Scientific | Added: 13 Jun 2013

SP Scientific will be running a webinar covering ’ Sub-visible Particles: Impacts on Aggregation Pa…

SP Scientific course

SP announces training course

SP Scientific | Added: 7 Jun 2013

The training course is designed to provide assistance to those involved in the development and manu…

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