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Henniker's atmospheric plasma robot

Robot for surface treatment

Henniker Scientific Ltd | Added: 30 Jun 2014

Henniker has launched an automated atmospheric plasma robot for surface activation of polymers to i…

Henniker mass spectrometer

Henniker unveils its quadrupole mass spectrometer

Henniker Scientific Ltd | Added: 13 May 2013

The Extrel MAXCS-50 series is designed for high sensitivity gas analysis of low molecular weight sp…

The TMC13 Deposition Rate Controller

Henniker adds video drivers to TMC13 controller

Henniker Scientific Ltd | Added: 18 Apr 2013

The TMC13 Deposition Rate Controller from Henniker Scientific features a video driver facility.


Multi-technique deposition systems for nano-materials

Henniker Scientific Ltd | Added: 10 Dec 2012

Henniker Scientific has released a range of multi-technique deposition systems for nano-materials r…


Max 300 LG gas analyser delivers single click analysis

Henniker Scientific Ltd | Added: 3 Aug 2012

The MAX300 LG gas analyser provides rapid response analysis of time varying evolved gas processes.


Precision mass analysis of low molecular weight

Henniker Scientific Ltd | Added: 4 Jun 2012

Henniker Scientific has launched its Extrel Ma-60 high resolution quadrupole mass spectrometers


Deposition rate controller for thin film applications

Henniker Scientific Ltd | Added: 14 May 2012

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The TMC13 Deposition Rate Controller has been designed to control film thicknes…


IS40 ion source range for surface analysis

Henniker Scientific Ltd | Added: 20 Apr 2012

The new IS40 ion source range from Henniker Scientific addresses both surface preparation and surfa…

Analyser offers up to 2500eV range

Henniker Scientific Ltd | Added: 7 Mar 2012

plasma diagnostics


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