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Latest Articles

GRI services thermal cyclers at reduced price

GRI | Added: 18 Mar 2010

Thermal cycler servicing

GRI offers gel documentation and analysis system

GRI | Added: 25 Feb 2010

Alphaimager EP

GRI thermal cycler is offered with 96 Fast Block

GRI | Added: 19 Feb 2010

G-Storm GS1 Thermal Cycler

G-Storm GS4 thermal cycler licensed for PCR

GRI | Added: 16 Oct 2009

G-Storm GS4 thermal cycler

GRI offers Kapa Probe Fast QPCR kit

GRI | Added: 6 Aug 2009

Kapa Probe Fast QPCR Kit

Gene unveils G-Storm GS482 thermal cycler

GRI | Added: 28 May 2009

G-Storm GS482

GRI uploads new website

GRI | Added: 18 Dec 2008

GRI, an independent supplier of molecular biology solutions, has uploaded a new website.

GRI announces launch of GS482 thermal cycler

GRI | Added: 21 Oct 2008

GS482 thermal cycler

GRI announces Red imaging system

GRI | Added: 15 Sep 2008

Red personal imaging system



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