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Biopharma Group is the exclusive distributor of Faster in the UK.

A New Era for Faster s.r.l. Air Safety Products in the UK

Added: 6 Feb 2019

Biopharma Group has become the exclusive distributor of Italian brand, Faster S.r.l.’s clean air an…

Outsourcing Pre-formulation Studies Can Save Time and Money during Drug Development

Added: 13 Mar 2018

Pre-formulation studies are aimed at new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and carried out t…

New kit for 2018 with Biopharma offer

Added: 28 Jan 2018

Biopharma is offering labs the chance to increase throughput and efficiency when they trade in thei…

Biopharma Laboratory Freeze Dryers

Video Helps Buyers To Select A Suitable Freeze Dryer

Added: 28 Aug 2017

Biopharma Process Systems has launched a video designed to help buyers select the best freeze dryer…

Consistent, reliable, high-pressure homogenisation using the Avestin range from Biopharma Group

Added: 21 Apr 2017

The Avestin range of high-pressure homogenisers from Biopharma Group (exclusive distributors for th…

Volumetric Powder Filling

Volumetric Powder Filling Technology from Kinematics Stream-lines Processing

Added: 11 Jan 2017

Working in tandem with Biopharma Group throughout Europe, Kinematics & Controls Corporation is a wo…

Liposome image

The EmulsiFlex range from Avestin uses extrusion to enhance liposome formation

Added: 8 Dec 2016

Avestin’s EmulsiFlex range of high-pressure homogenisers increases liposome reproducibility while d…

removing tray from freeze drying system

Bulk Freeze Drying Applications In The Pharmaceutical Industries

Added: 29 Nov 2016

Bulk freeze drying is an established method of food preservation that Biopharma Group freeze drying…

Liposome biopharma

Liposomes Deliver for a New Generation with High Pressure Homogenisation

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 7 Mar 2016

Liposomes are important vehicles for delivering drugs, and other biologically active compounds, wit…


SampleGenie concentrates large sample volumes

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 13 Jul 2015

Genevac is renowned for its high performance centrifugal solvent evaporator systems.


Lyostat freeze drying microscope

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 25 Nov 2013

The Biopharma Lyostat freeze drying microscope is PC controlled to provide sophisticated image and …

Extrusion is a simple and nondamaging method of ensuring a homogenous sample.

Simple, fast laboratory extrusion

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 16 Oct 2013

Liposofast extruders from Avestin are available in the UK and Ireland from processing specialists B…


High pressure homogenisers from Avestin

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 25 Apr 2013

Sample processing homogenisers and extruders are available through Biopharma Process Systems.


Vial washing range prevents glass damage

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 22 Oct 2012

The vial washing range includes a unique nozzle design to eliminate glass damage.

Biopharma details freeze-drying services

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 10 Jun 2010

Biopharma Process Systems offers a comprehensive range of freeze dryers throughout the UK and Irela…

Biopharma offers four freeze-dryer packages

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 23 Sep 2009

Biopharma has put together four packages of its most popular sets in the benchtop Virtis BTK range …

Freeze-drying course announced by Biopharma

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 15 Sep 2008

Biopharma Technology is to hold a training course in lyophilisation on 6-8 October 2008, in Amsterd…

Controlled-rate cryopreservation - without LN2

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 18 Jun 2008

The Bio-Cool controlled-rate freezer is a mechanically refrigerated bath for the programmed cooling…

Smart technology streamlines lyophilisation

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 11 Dec 2007

Lyostat2 is a cutting-edge freeze-drying microscope enabling the quick and accurate identification …

Benchtop freeze dryer has multiple shelves

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 20 Jul 2007

With no increase in footprint the Virtis Advantage Plus is available with up to three shelves, givi…