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Introducing IKA's groundbreaking Bioreactor

Added: 12 Dec 2023

Introducing HABITAT, IKA's groundbreaking bioreactor, an amalgamation of the company's core strengt…

The INC 125 FS incubator shaker

IKA’s latest incubator Shaker on display at Lab Innovations 2023

Added: 15 Sep 2023

IKA’s INC 125 FS incubator shaker featuring patented removable shaking platform will be demonstrate…

Precise dispensing from one device

Precise dispensing from one device

Added: 1 Sep 2023

With the PETTE fix, vario and multi pipettes, IKA combines the most popular features of a laborator…

IKA has updated its bestselling RCT basic stirrer

IKA’s bestselling magnetic stirrer reloaded

Added: 21 Jul 2023

The latest generation of IKA’s RCT basic takes its almost 50-year legacy to the next level with add…

IKA's bestselling RCT basic has been reloaded with new features

Bestselling magnetic stirrer reloaded

Added: 1 Jun 2023

The latest generation of IKA’s RCT basic comes the reliability which has made it so popular but wit…

TWISTER universal mixing drive

From Magnetic Stirrer to Vortex Shaker

Added: 2 May 2023

The TWISTER from IKA England reduces the number of electronic devices and space required in the lab…

IKA incubator and incubator shaker

INC 125 FS digital incubator shaker From IKA

Added: 3 Apr 2023

IKA England’s INC 125 F digital incubator and INC 125 FS digital incubator shaker provide suitable …

EasySyn reactor system

EasySyn reactor system from IKA

Added: 3 Mar 2023

IKA launches the EasySyn reactor system for organic or aqueous synthesis, with all components avail…

IKA Multidrive Family

Disposable grinding to eliminate cross contamination

Added: 1 May 2022

The IKA MultiDrive is capable of coarse and fine crushing, and the range now features a disposable …


Molecular Biology Separations made easy.

Added: 1 Apr 2022

Separating substances at medium rotational speeds: IKA G-L is a midi centrifuge which is suitable f…

EasySyn from IKA

New reactor system, completely from IKA

Added: 11 Mar 2022

IKA expands its portfolio of reactor systems with EasySyn – a reactor system for which all componen…


ROTAVISC Viscometer series from IKA

Added: 23 Feb 2022

With a range from 1 to 320,000,000 mPas, the four viscometers of the ROTAVISC series from IKA are c…

Buy 1 IKA Pipette – Get 2 FREE

Added: 12 Nov 2021

IKA’s latest promotion means that purchasers of three pipettes receive two of them free of charge –…

Matrix Thermoshaker from IKA England Ltd

Mixing, heating, cooling, or all at once

Added: 26 Sep 2021

IKA offers a powerful and user-friendly family of Matrix thermoshakers suitable for blood samples, …

IKA Thermoshakers

MATRIX Orbital Delta Plus Thermoshaker Receives German Design Award

Added: 20 Jan 2021

IKA has been awarded the prestigious German Design Award 2021 for its MATRIX Orbital Delta Plus, wh…

The PETTE range comprises a total of 18 models

A pipette for every hand

Added: 31 Aug 2019

The latest members of the PETTE series of pipettes from IKA, announced at ACHEMA, are now available.

The T 25 easy clean disperser received ‘Special Mention’

German Design Award for IKA

Added: 17 Nov 2018

The high-performance IKA T 25 easy clean disperser has been lauded with the German Design Award 201…