Louisa Hearn

Food & drink: tackling the threat of product recalls

Louisa Hearn | Added: 3 Oct 2016

Product recalls are an unwelcome feature in the manufacturing landscape, so what will it take to ma…

Editor’s comment: counting the cost of faulty foods

Louisa Hearn | Added: 3 Oct 2016

Product recalls are one portion of the food processing sector we’d all like to send packing. But po…

wastewater lubrication

Slick decisions: correct lubrication provides critical care

Louisa Hearn | Added: 12 Sep 2016

When it comes to protecting essential plant assets, small actions can have very big consequences, w…

Meet the next generation of tech innovators

Louisa Hearn | Added: 5 Sep 2016

A new wave of graduate entrepreneurs are being helped on their way to deliver highly disruptive tec…

On the meter: smart ways to control energy output

Louisa Hearn | Added: 30 Aug 2016

Smart energy savings can be found in the smallest of spaces, writes Louisa Hearn.

Maintenance software: the critical path for asset care

Louisa Hearn | Added: 15 Aug 2016

Maintenance software is plugging into the Internet of Things to help operators identify key priorit…

Food & drink: finding a recipe for success

Louisa Hearn | Added: 7 Jun 2016

Demand for wholesome alternatives to unpopular additives is rewriting the rules of food & drink pro…

Editor’s comment: an appetite for change

Louisa Hearn | Added: 6 Jun 2016

The ‘secret recipe’ behind many blockbuster food and drink products is a blend of universally appea…

A glimpse into the miniature world

Louisa Hearn | Added: 1 Jun 2016

New measurement techniques are delivering new insights into the character and size of ever-smaller …

Troubled water

Louisa Hearn | Added: 4 May 2016

Water utilities across the UK have spent many years grappling with infrastructure built in the Vict…

Waste management: smart solutions in the spotlight

Louisa Hearn | Added: 3 May 2016

Technologies for testing and treating water and solids are coming of age in the quest to squeeze sa…

Analysis: counting the cost of Carbon Capture & Storage cuts

Louisa Hearn | Added: 28 Apr 2016

Is the lack of joined-up thinking over Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) investment a threat to the UK…

Water industry: turning the tide

Louisa Hearn | Added: 13 Apr 2016

The water industry may need to consider a very new approach to innovation if it is to triumph over …

The right chemistry

Louisa Hearn | Added: 24 Mar 2016

When reporters in the mainstream media write about chemicals, it’s often for all the wrong reasons.…

Remote controllers at the helm

Louisa Hearn | Added: 14 Mar 2016

Control rooms are changing shape to accommodate a new breed of knowledge workers located far and wi…

Manufacturing Barometer

Manufacturing slide starts to ‘bottom out’

Louisa Hearn | Added: 7 Mar 2016

The manufacturing sector’s ride into negative territory may be coming to an end, says a quarterly s…

Energy focus: power play

Louisa Hearn | Added: 24 Feb 2016

Energy efficiency hasn't always been top of mind for plant managers tasked with keeping process equ…

UK may struggle to meet CO2 targets after ‘disappointing’ U-turn

Louisa Hearn | Added: 10 Feb 2016

The government’s sudden decision to pull funding for carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects coul…

Calibration: monitoring the vital signs

Louisa Hearn | Added: 9 Feb 2016

As process control instruments proliferate in the plant, operators are turning to new technologies …

Food farm image

Feeding the future

Louisa Hearn | Added: 19 Jan 2016

The food and drink industry is being squeezed from every direction. Will process innovation become …