All Fume cupboards/hoods

Cabinets meet asbestos legislation requirements

Bigneat Containment Technology | Added: 10 Nov 2005

Health and safety guidelines state that the handling of test samples must be undertaken within a sa…

ISO9001:2000 accreditation granted

Monmouth Scientific | Added: 8 Nov 2005

Monmouth Scientific has been awarded ISO9001:2000 accreditation during its recent audit by SGS UK

Filtration fume cabinet is totally self-contained

Monmouth Scientific | Added: 8 Nov 2005

Requiring no connection to ductwork whatsoever, the cabinet is easy to install as it sits straight …

Now you can really know what a fume hood does

Erlab | Added: 31 Oct 2005

Each ductless fume hood will have a magnetised certification label outlining the certification numb…

Ductless fume hoods exceed Osha and Ansi

Air Science LLC | Added: 3 Oct 2005

Completely portable and self contained, these hoods are designed to protect lab personnel from harm…

Office serves the Americas

Purex | Added: 11 Aug 2005

The new office facility in Gurnee, Illinois, will provide local and timely response to Purex custom…

Specialist laboratory services department created

Labcaire Systems | Added: 16 Jun 2005

Dedicated team of in-house and field-based engineers offers UK nationwide experience and expertise …

Strengthening technical services team

Safelab Systems | Added: 17 May 2005

"We believe these new appointments confirm our commitment to our customers and will help us achieve…

Second-user systems are cost effective

Opti-Pharma (UK) | Added: 9 May 2005

Surplus laboratory equipment such is given a complete refurbishment and then given a second life by…

ISO9001 accreditation follows intensive audit

Safelab Systems | Added: 4 May 2005

Scope of certification encompasses the design, manufacture, supply, installation and servicing of s…

Semi-mobile ducted cupboard goes to top of class

Safelab Systems | Added: 27 Apr 2005

Design incorporates the best features of both ducted and carbon filtered fume cupboards to achieve …

Robotic containment is 'Class II Type'

Bigneat Containment Technology | Added: 19 Apr 2005

These systems, which can be described as being of a Class II Type, offer significant cost saving ov…

Clean air without cleaning out the budget

Monmouth Scientific | Added: 7 Apr 2005

Providing clean air to Class 100 conditions, all cabinets are complete with a 99.999% efficient Hep…

Fume cupboards now offer more standard benefits

Safelab Systems | Added: 23 Mar 2005

With 21st century looks both ducted and recirculatory cupboards benefit from having a counterweight…

Fume cupboards for budget applications

Monmouth Scientific | Added: 4 Mar 2005

Manufactured from epoxy coated steel with reinforced glass side panels and a folding front screen, …

Monmouth has moved

Monmouth Scientific | Added: 3 Mar 2005

"This move now allows us to expand our product range further and look at more new products"

Alliance to manufacture downflow booths

Opti-Pharma (UK) | Added: 24 Nov 2004

Opti-Pharma UK announces the formation of an alliance with Heaton Green Containment, moving the com…

Enclosures for cell culture systems

Bigneat Containment Technology | Added: 21 Oct 2004

Bigneat collaborates with Hamilton to provide enclosures for a fully automated cell culture system

Laminar workstations tailored to the job

Opti-Pharma (UK) | Added: 23 Sep 2004

Ensuring a quality product is critical for pharmaceutical manufacturers and the medical industry, a…

PCR cabinets are passive or dynamic

Safety Cabinet Solutions | Added: 16 Sep 2004

Large clear sloping screens help avoid that hemmed-in feeling and high efficiency UV lighting are s…