Latest Product Update

Sensorlex 8B33 SCM measures true RMS

Impulse | Added: 25 Feb 2009

Dataforth has introduced the 8B33 Sensorlex isolated analogue-signal conditioner, for measuring tru…

MSXB 080 SI module protects against ground loops

Microstar Laboratories | Added: 5 Feb 2009

Microstar Laboratories has released the MSXB 080, an eight-channel signal interface (SI) module wit…

Microstar plans enhancements for SI modules

Microstar Laboratories | Added: 15 Jan 2009

Microstar Laboratories is planning to add new hardware and software to its signal interface (SI) mo…

Phidgets releases the Phidgetinterfacekit

Phidgets | Added: 15 Jan 2009

Phidgets' 1019 Phidgetinterfacekit 8/8/8 w/6 Port Hub lets the user connect devices to any of eight…

Bipolar one-motor controller launched by Phidgets

Phidgets | Added: 7 Jan 2009

Phidgets has released the 1063 Phidgetstepper Bipolar 1-Motor Controller, which controls the positi…

Data acquisition cards available for PCI Express

Strategic Test | Added: 28 Nov 2008

Strategic Test has released two 500 kS/s 16-bit data acquisition cards for PCI Express.

Microstar introduces the MSXB 086 SI module

Microstar Laboratories | Added: 25 Nov 2008

Microstar Laboratories is offering a network-ready 16-channel signal interface (SI) module that can…

NI offers sound and vibration data modules

National Instruments | Added: 12 Nov 2008

National Instruments has released a wireless data acquisition module and two PXI Express modules fo…

Phidget updates the 1051 temperature sensor

Phidgets | Added: 5 Nov 2008

Phidgets has made the 1051 temperature sensor more accurate and reliable by adding on-board filteri…

Microstar announces Dapserver 500 products

Microstar Laboratories | Added: 13 Oct 2008

Microstar Laboratories has announced Dapserver 500 test, measurement, and control products, combini…

TTI TG2000 improves performance under Vista

Thurlby Thandar Instruments | Added: 7 Oct 2008

TTI has updated its TG2000 20 MHz function generator with drivers to give improved USB performance …

Audon launches Redlab data acquisition unit

Audon Electronics | Added: 22 Sep 2008

Audon Electronics has launched the Redlab-1608FS eight-channel, 16-bit data acquisition unit.

Budget high-speed oscilloscope from Audon

Audon Electronics | Added: 19 Sep 2008

The PDS7102 from Audon Electronics is a 100MHz two-channel bench-top oscilloscope with 8-bit resolu…

Phidgets announces 1012 Interface Kit update

Phidgets | Added: 11 Sep 2008

Phidgets has announced that the 1012 Phidget Interface Kit 0/16/16 has built-in hardware noise filt…

Exco/MMG partnership improves patient retention

Exco InTouch | Added: 10 Sep 2008

Exco Intouch has partnered with MMG to enhance the efficacy of patient recruitment and retention se…

MSXB 085 board protects signals from noise

Microstar Laboratories | Added: 15 Aug 2008

Microstar Laboratories, maker of Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) boards and network-ready DAP serv…

When temperature measurement is a bit complicated

Microstar Laboratories | Added: 17 Jul 2008

Microstar Laboratories's home page includes a new section that shows how to implement high-performa…

Input board has accelerometer/vibration sensors

Adept Scientific | Added: 15 Jul 2008

The DNA-AI-211 analogue input board features four fully isolated, IEPE/ICP accelerometer / vibratio…

Analogue output isolation with no ground loops

Microstar Laboratories | Added: 26 Jun 2008

With even a few analogue outputs, your application may come up against two serious problems: ground…

New DAP product eliminates ground loops

Microstar Laboratories | Added: 4 Jun 2008

Microstar Laboratories announces the new MSXB 084 board to complement its growing family, which mak…