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Single-use fermenter

Single-use fermenter for microbial applications

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Laboratory Products Group | Added: 22 Oct 2014

The Thermo Scientific HyPerforma Single-Use Fermentor (SUF) is the first single-use system specific…

Temperature control

High performance temperature control

Labtex | Added: 29 Oct 2013

Labtex has released a white paper which details an introduction to temperature control, its practic…

Self-cleaning bioreactor

World's first self-cleaning benchtop bioreactor

INFORS HT | Added: 23 Oct 2013

Infors HT has launched the Labfors 5 with LabCIP for automatic cleaning and sterilisation.


Incubator controls parameters for live-cell imaging

Warner Instruments | Added: 20 Dec 2012

Warner Instruments has launched the Okolab Bold Line Stage Top Incubator system designed for live-c…


World's first self-cleaning benchtop bioreactor

Infors AG | Added: 30 Nov 2012

Infors HT has launched the Labfors 5 with LabCIP for automatic cleaning and sterilisation.

LTE unveils incubator range

LTE Scientific | Added: 8 Mar 2012

UK manufacturer, LTE Scientific, has launched an improved family of cooled incubators to replace it…

Stuart incubator shaker optimises sample mixing

Bibby Scientific | Added: 5 Jul 2011

Bibby Scientific is offering the Stuart SI505 combined incubator shaker to reduce sample evaporatio…

Thermoelectric-cooled incubator protects samples

Sheldon Manufacturing | Added: 25 May 2011

Sheldon Manufacturing has introduced the Shel Lab model LI20P environmentally friendly, thermoelect…

Single-use bioreactor for cell culture duties

Sartorius Group | Added: 11 May 2011

Sartorius Stedim Biotech has launched a single-use bioreactor with a two-litre working volume, suit…

Incubator provides uniform culturing environment

Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe BV | Added: 29 Mar 2011

Sanyo's MCO-19M multi-gas incubator provides accurate control of oxygen (O2) and carbon-dioxide (CO…

Incubators give high security with low gas usage

IKS International | Added: 23 Feb 2011

The IVS-9000GC and IVS-9160GC triple-gas incubators from IKS have very low CO2 and nitrogen consump…

Cleaver offers bench-top fermentors and reactors

Cleaver Scientific | Added: 16 Nov 2010

Cleaver Scientific has launched a range of compact, bench-top fermentors and bioreactors designed f…

CO2 incubators for culture growth applications

Lec Medical | Added: 13 Sep 2010

Lec Medical offers a range of CO2 incubators for laboratories, designed to provide temperature stab…

CO2 incubators offer space-saving advantages

LTE Scientific | Added: 27 Aug 2010

LTE Scientific has launched the UK-made Caron range of large-capacity CO2 incubators for cell cultu…

Bench-top incubators for cell culture tasks

Cleaver Scientific | Added: 24 Jun 2010

Cleaver Scientific has launched a range of compact bench-top incubators ideal for laboratory tasks …

Video of shaking incubator for biological growth

Bibby Scientific | Added: 11 May 2010

Bibby Scientific has released a video of the Stuart SI500 shaking incubator, which combines orbital…

Bibby launches shaking incubator at Analytica 2010

Bibby Scientific | Added: 23 Mar 2010

Bibby Scientific is launching the latest shaking incubator from Stuart at Analytica 2010, which run…

Humidity chambers are precision controlled

SP Scientific | Added: 19 Jun 2009

Hotpack humidity chambers from SP Industries meet guideline requirements for a range of critical te…

Refrigerated incubator has 220-litre capacity

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 19 Jun 2009

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced the Thermo Scientific Heraeus BK 800 refrigerated incubator…

50-litre disposable bioreactor system launched

Cellexus Biosystems | Added: 16 Jun 2009

Cellexus has announced the availability of the 50-litre format of the Cellmaker Regular, a single-u…