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EISC data security software to feature in seminar

EISC | Added: 1 Oct 2010

EISC's MARRS Assurance for data security and MARRS for lab productivity will be featured at Thermo …

Microstar software enables xDAP audio analysis

Microstar Laboratories | Added: 24 Sep 2010

Microstar Laboratories, a maker of data acquisition processor (DAP) systems for PC-based measuremen…

Copley enhances inhaler analysis software

Copley Scientific | Added: 21 Sep 2010

Copley Scientific has introduced its latest Copley Inhaler Testing Data Analysis Software (Citdas),…

WEHI selects Tibco Spotfire analytics platform

Tibco Spotfire | Added: 14 Sep 2010

Tibco Software has announced that the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research will empl…

Software for visualising GPCRs and kinase activity

Merck | Added: 10 Sep 2010

Merck Millipore has introduced a software application for visualising G-protein coupled receptors (…

FEI software helps to optimise mineral processing

FEI | Added: 3 Sep 2010

FEI has launched two software solutions designed to provide quantifiable data to improve natural re…

GPC One for polyolefin characterisation labs

Polymer Char | Added: 27 Aug 2010

Polymer Char has announced the release of its GPC One software platform, developed to fulfil the re…

Software supports diabetic retinal screening

Digital Healthcare | Added: 13 Jul 2010

Digital Healthcare, a supplier of software to support diabetic retinal screening programmes, has wo…

UVP system performs multiplex protein blot imaging

UVP | Added: 9 Jul 2010

The Biospectrum imaging system from UVP is configured for use in multiple imaging applications.

Nextgene 2.0 for sequencing platform data analysis

SoftGenetics | Added: 30 Jun 2010

Softgenetics has launched version 2.0 of its Nextgene software for the analysis of data from the Ro…

24sure investigates cause of recurrent miscarriage

BlueGnome | Added: 28 Jun 2010

Bluegnome is supplying labs in over 15 countries with its 24sure product, which is directed at the …

Comet Assay IV tool for nutritional research

Perceptive Instruments | Added: 28 Jun 2010

The Comet Assay IV software from Perceptive Instruments is said to be ideal for use with the comet …

Spotfire Clinical accelerates drug development

Tibco Spotfire | Added: 17 Jun 2010

Tibco Software has launched Tibco Spotfire Clinical, an in-memory analytics platform designed to im…

Visionworks LS software for imaging applications

UVP | Added: 14 Jun 2010

UVP has announced a major upgrade for its Visionworks LS analysis software for 1D analysis of gels,…

Notification system improves automation monitoring

Tecan Trading AG | Added: 28 May 2010

Tecan has presented the latest upgrade of its Common Notification System (CNS) for the remote monit…

Analysis software ideal for healthcare industry

PANalytical | Added: 24 May 2010

Panalytical has extended the compatibility of its Omnian advanced standardless analysis software to…

JustTLC aids quality control of TLC plate analysis

Sweday | Added: 12 May 2010

Sweday has released JustTLC 3.0, which aids compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and is said to make it e…

Track and Trace software for product traceability

Cognex | Added: 6 May 2010

Cognex has launched In-Sight Track and Trace, an add-on software package for the company's In-Sight…

Nextgene software includes variant comparison tool

SoftGenetics | Added: 28 Apr 2010

Softgenetics has announced the addition of a variant comparison tool to its Nextgene software.

Variant scoring system added to Nextgene software

SoftGenetics | Added: 19 Apr 2010

Softgenetics has added a variant scoring system to its Nextgene software to assist researchers and …