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ViewSizer 3000

The latest advances in nanoparticle tracking analysis from Meritics

Added: 25 Jul 2023

Meritics is a UK distributor for the ViewSizer 3000, designed to visualise and determine the size d…

The Multisizer 4e particle sizer and counter

Measure, analyse and control particle concentration with Meritics

Added: 10 May 2023

Particle concentration is one of the fields in which Meritics supplies systems designed to measure,…

multiser4e Meritics UK

Particle Count Analysis from Meritics

Added: 31 Mar 2023

Meritics supplies systems for all stages in research, development, and manufacturing – enabling mea…

 LS 13 320 XR Particle Size Analyser

Big improvements help spot small differences

Added: 22 Aug 2019

Designed to boost laser diffraction particle size analysis to the next level, with its enhanced PID…

Spectradyne LCC receive award from National Science Foundation

Added: 27 Nov 2018

Spectradyne LCC have announced the receipt of a grant from the National Science Foundation that fur…

Gold particles

Size and shape of gold nanoparticles in toluene via SAXS

Added: 19 Jul 2017

Anton Paar has described the characterisation of a solution of colloidal gold nanoparticles for siz…

Intravenous infusions are administered directly into the bloodstream

Prevent contamination of intravenous infusions using DLS

Added: 23 Mar 2017

An application report from Anton Paar details an experiment which shows how Dynamic Light Scatterin…

Litesizer 500

Liposomes measurement using DLS

Added: 15 Feb 2017

Anton Paar has published a report detailing the use of its Litesizer 500 in measuring the size dist…

delsamax pro from beckman coulter

Non-destructive Analysis of Proteins

Added: 12 Jul 2016

Beckman Coulter have produced a new application note for their DelsaMax PRO, a light scatter analys…

A glimpse into the miniature world

Louisa Hearn | Added: 1 Jun 2016

New measurement techniques are delivering new insights into the character and size of ever-smaller …

 Litesizer 500

Light scattering tool optimises particle systems

Anton Paar Ltd | Added: 3 Nov 2015

Anton Paar has launched the Litesizer 500, which determines the size and stability of nanoparticles…


Understanding common particle size analysis methods

Retsch Technology GmbH | Added: 11 Aug 2015

A whitepaper published by Retsch Technology looks at the advantages and drawbacks of three common p…

The Analysette 28 ImageTec

Rapid particle analysis from Fritsch

Fritsch | Added: 4 Jun 2015

The Analysette 28 ImageTec from Fritsch is designed to provide easy wet measurement with strong pum…

FlowSorb III

FlowSorb III surface area analyser

Micromeritics | Added: 13 Apr 2015

The FlowSorb III 2305 and 2310 models from Micromeritics both measure the surface area of powdered/…


Advanced particle characterisation and analysis from Meritics

Meritics Ltd | Added: 30 Mar 2015

Oceanography is not necessarily a field that you would associate with breakthroughs in instrumentat…


The DelsaMax series of nanoparticle analysers from Meritics

Meritics Ltd | Added: 6 Mar 2015

The Beckman Coulter DelsaMax series of Nanoparticle analysers, brought to you by Meritics, are some…

Meritics Revolution

Powder flow measurements with Meritics' Revolution

Meritics Ltd | Added: 17 Feb 2015

The Revolution from Meritics is the company’s latest method for powder flow testing.

Morphologi G3-ID can be used for the identification of hoax powders used in fake bioterrorism attack

Forensic specialists present at AAFS 2015

Malvern Instruments | Added: 9 Feb 2015

Specialists in forensic science will explain how Morphologically Directed Raman Spectroscopy (MDRS)…


The SediGraph III Plus - Improvements to a Classic Particle Size Technique

Micromeritics | Added: 6 Feb 2015

The SediGraph III Plus Particle Size Analyzer from Micromeritics is built on the proven technology …

MCP automatic polarimeter

Automatic polarimeter for substance analysis

Anton Paar Ltd | Added: 16 Jan 2015

The Modular Circular Polarimter (MCP) 200/300/500 from Anton Paar allows the most precise analysis …