All 2D and 3D Cell-based assays

The live demonstration of the Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay uses Porvair’s Chromatrap

ChIP assay technology

Porvair Sciences | Added: 27 May 2014

An instructional video from Porvair Sciences explains how to conduct a ChIP assay for epigenetic re…

CytoTrack Assays are available in four   different emission wavelengths

CytoTrack from Bio-Rad

Bio-Rad Laboratories | Added: 12 May 2014

Bio-Rad Laboratories has launched CytoTrack Cell Proliferation Assays, designed to provide unmatche…

NovareDx EHDV Strip Test Kit is a qualitative lateral flow test designed for use in the field or far

Strip test detection kit

Bioo Scientific | Added: 10 Apr 2014

Bioo Scientific has launched the NovareDx EHDV Strip Test Kit, the first commercial strip test for …

Aflatoxin affinity columns

Bioo Scientific | Added: 4 Apr 2014

Bioo Scientific’s AflaPure Alfatoxin Total and AflaPure Aflatoxin M1 Column Kits for aflatoxin enri…

Lorne labs reagent blood kits

Lorne launches its latest blood reagent kit

Lorne Laboratories Limited | Added: 8 Nov 2013

The REA IQC Total Blood Kit from Lorne Laboratories contains four 6ml vials and boasts a suspension…

Porvair high throughput assay plate

High throughput ChIP assay plate

Porvair Sciences | Added: 17 Oct 2013

Porvair Sciences has announced it will launch its Chromatrap 96 HT assay plate at Epigenomics of Co…

Beckman Coulter reagent kits

PerFix reagent kits from Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences | Added: 20 Sep 2013

PerFix-Expose and PerFix-nc reagent kits for intracellular staining minimise sample manipulation fo…

Bio-Rad Laboratories iQ-Check system

Bio-Rad launches prep system

Bio-Rad Laboratories | Added: 8 Aug 2013

The iQ-Check preparation system is designed for automated real-time PCR detection of food pathogens.

Randox Laboratories liquid controls vial

Third party liquid controls

Randox Laboratories | Added: 6 Aug 2013

The immunoassay control and analyser-specific BNP control system is designed to enable labs to assi…

3D cancer screening assays

Amsbio unveils 3D screening assay

Amsbio | Added: 28 Jun 2013

The range of 96-well format 3D spheroid cell proliferation/ viability assays is designed for cancer…


Effective bacteria control within purified lab water

Merck | Added: 8 Apr 2013

Several contaminants must be removed from laboratory water to achieve a suitable grade of purity fo…

Bio plex

Bio-Rad introduces kidney toxicity panels

Bio-Rad Laboratories | Added: 19 Mar 2013

Myriad RBM has partnered with Bio-Rad to unveil a range of human, rat and canine toxicity panels.

AgPlus Diagnostics

Handheld system for on-the-spot diagnostic results

AgPlus Diagnostics | Added: 13 Mar 2013

AgPlus has unveiled the first prototype of the handheld diagnostics analytical platform.

Cambridge Research Biochemicals adds QuickAllAssay to range

CRB to sell QuickAllAssay labelling reagents

Cambridge Research Biochemicals | Added: 26 Feb 2013

Cambridge Research Biochemicals has signed a deal to sell QuickAllAssay labelling reagents in the U…

Improved Nitrofuran screening range from Bioo Scientific

MaxSignal ELISA improves Nitrofuran screening

Bioo Scientific | Added: 13 Feb 2013

The MaxSignal ELISA line improves analysis of nitrofurans in feed, fish, shrimp, meat, honey, milk,…


Integrating matrix into 3D spheroid culture

Amsbio | Added: 7 Jan 2013

The 3D Culture 96-Well BME Cell Invasion Assay addresses the need for more complete cancer invasion…


Webinar to explore cell-based microplate assays

BMG Labtech | Added: 26 Nov 2012

A webinar on November 28th will discuss optimising cell-based assays in a microplate format.

image 1

Listeria test for food and environmental samples

BioMerieux | Added: 9 Nov 2012

VIDAS UP recombinant phage technology provides next-day results for Listeria detection.


15 min assay for fructose determination

Bioo Scientific | Added: 24 Oct 2012

MaxSignal is an enzyme-based test kit for the determination of fructose in food.


Analysis of fluoroquinolone in milk and meat

Bioo Scientific | Added: 12 Oct 2012

The AuroFlow Fluoroquinolone Strip Test Kit is a rapid screening tool for the meat and dairy indust…