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Bioclad wall cladding inhibits bacteria growth

Biocote | Added: 14 Dec 2009

Bioclad cladding

Biocote - latest company news

Biocote | Added: 7 Dec 2009

7 December 2009 - Biocote has been awarded ISO 9001 certification by Quality Management Services fo…

Silver technology combats hospital bugs

Biocote | Added: 16 Nov 2009

Silver technology

Disposable products have anti-microbial treatment

Biocote | Added: 2 Jun 2005

Euro Packaging range

Just a finger can spread infection

Biocote | Added: 10 Dec 2004


Exhibiting at the international Medica show

Biocote | Added: 12 Oct 2004

General company product range

Technology partnerships help fight infection

Biocote | Added: 22 Sep 2004

General company product range



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