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Optical Surfaces Ltd. has been selected to supply ultra high precision optics

Pushing optical boundaries

Optical Surfaces | Added: 4 Mar 2014

Optical Surfaces is supplying ultra high precision matched beamsplitter/compensator optics for a le…


Pro-lite installs Europe's largest Illumia sphere photometer

Pro-Lite Technology | Added: 15 Jan 2013

Pro-Lite has provided the first 3m diameter integrating sphere photometer in Europe for DW Windsor.

Analyser used to characterise building materials

Exeter Analytical | Added: 19 Oct 2011

A Model 440 CHN analyser from Exeter Analytical is being used by the Environmental Research Group (…

Ohio college chooses Biochrom spectrophotometers

Biochrom | Added: 25 Jul 2011

Oberlin College in Ohio, US, has invested in research-grade spectrophotometers for its chemistry an…

Jenway spectrophotometers chosen by university

Bibby Scientific | Added: 30 Mar 2011

The new teaching floor of Bradford University's Biomedical Sciences facility accommodates up to 200…

Multi-volume spectrophotometer used in HMP study

BioTek Instruments | Added: 28 Jun 2010

Biotek has announced that its Epoch multi-volume spectrophotometer is being used in a study to dete…

Tintometer helps brewery improve quality control

Tintometer | Added: 16 Jun 2010

Everards Brewery has selected Tintometer's portable EBC Colour Pod for use in situ and the PFX-195/…

Airdale benefits from Spectronic lab instruments

Spectronic Camspec Ltd | Added: 22 Sep 2009

Airedale Chemical Company is using a number of laboratory instruments, including pH meters, an atom…

Institut Pasteur uses Viscotek GPC/SEC systems

Malvern Instruments | Added: 1 Jul 2009

Size-exclusion chromatography followed by triple detection array (SEC-TDA) can distinguish between …

Cardiff University selects Rudolph Research J57-SV

Spectronic Camspec Ltd | Added: 21 Apr 2009

Spectronic Analytical Instruments has supplied the Department of Pharmacology, Oncology and Radiolo…

Biochrom helps to educate students

Biochrom | Added: 23 Sep 2008

To help students gain an understanding into the principles of colorimetry and spectrophotometry, Bi…

Gradko still relies on Camspec spectrophotometers

Camspec | Added: 6 Jun 2008

New instrument will be used in the company's analytical laboratory to process at least 480 individu…

Spectrophotometry aids faster MRSA diagnosis

Camspec | Added: 8 Mar 2007

The national debate about the level of MRSA infections occurring in hospitals up and down the count…

Checking colour quality at speed

Astranet Systems | Added: 8 Jul 2006

ICI Imagedata asked AstraNet Systems to design and install an on-line monitoring system to check pr…

Olive drab in infra red

Camspec | Added: 1 Oct 2004

The arrival of infra red technology on the battlefield has made it necessary to revisit traditional…

Colour control of alcopops

Tintometer | Added: 25 Jul 2003

Known in the trade as flavoured alcoholic beverages, these new products presented a new challenge f…

Spectrometer revolutionises colour measurement

Astranet Systems | Added: 25 Nov 2002

Colour measurement system has proved a spectacular success measuring the colour bands in core soil …

Imaging unit goes 3D

Leica Microsytems | Added: 11 Jan 2002

The Biomedical Imaging Unit at the University of Southampton has recently installed a much needed L…