Latest Case Studies


Viral vision: intravital microscopy

Added: 13 Jul 2015

A research lab in Italy is using intravital microscopy to study virus responses.

History uncovered with high-resolution light microscopy

A view of the past

OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG | Added: 17 Nov 2014

The latest application note from Olympus explores how high-resolution light microscopy is rapidly a…

The LEXT was employed to accurately measure the thickness of organic semiconductor materials

New avenues in organic solar cell research

OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG | Added: 9 Sep 2014

An application note from Olympus uncovers how the LEXT OLS4100 3D confocal laser scanning microscop…

Linkam microscopy instrumentation

IES chooses Linkam instrumentation

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 18 Jul 2013

Linkam THMSG600 and TS1500 heating stages are being used for geological research at the Institute o…

AFM-IR technique

Technique reveals surface plasmon resonance

Anasys Instruments | Added: 24 May 2013

A study from the University of Illinois has described the effects of nanometer-scale heating on sem…

Phthalocyanine solid and liquid crystal phases imaged using the Linkam THMS600 stage.

Heating stage aids crystal research

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 2 May 2013

The THMS600 heating stage is being used for liquid crystal research at the University of the Free S…

An Evactron De-Contamination system

UCL adopts XEI Scientific technology

XEI Scientific | Added: 30 Apr 2013

The Evactron is being used by University College London’s School of Pharmacy to improve electron mi…


JPK offers system to advance STED microscopy

JPK Instruments | Added: 19 Apr 2013

Scientists couple the chemical information of STED microscopy with high resolution spatial and forc…


Vivid scientific research at the University of Silesia

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 6 Feb 2013

Linkam’s THMSG600 stage is advancing birefringence research in Poland. 


Understanding the properties of polypropylene films

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 8 Jan 2013

The TST350 tensile temperature stage has been used to study the influence of DMDBS on polypropylene…


Combining AFM imaging and single-cell force spectroscopy

JPK Instruments | Added: 7 Jan 2013

JPK reports on the use of AFM and single-cell force spectroscopy at the Interdisciplinary Nanoscien…


Cryo-correlative cooling stage aids cancer research

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 12 Dec 2012

Dr Lucy Collinson at Cancer Research UK is making use of Linkam’s new cryo-correlative cooling stag…


British Antarctic Survey uses Hitachi tabletop microscope

Hitachi High Technologies | Added: 6 Dec 2012

The Hitachi TM300 microscope is proving to be a powerful tool at the British Antarctic Survey labor…


Liverpool Uni makes use of Meiji's microscopes

Meiji Techno UK | Added: 19 Nov 2012

Meiji Techno light microscopes and cameras are fully operational at Liverpool Uni’s Central Teachin…


Andor Neo sCMOS cameras at core of Light Sheet Microscopy

Andor Technology | Added: 15 Oct 2012

European and US labs have used the Neo sCMOS camera to power high-speed 4-axis live imaging of biol…


Manchester University makes use of Titan microscope

FEI | Added: 5 Sep 2012

The University of Manchester has recently installed the Titan G2 80-200 scanning transmission elect…


NanoWizard systems aid research at Calgary University

JPK Instruments | Added: 26 Jul 2012

The Microscopy & Imaging Facility (MIF) at the University of Calgary is using NanoWizard AFM system…


Assessing the rheological characterisation of anisotropic materials

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 25 Jul 2012

The Linkam CSS450 stage is being used to study the rheological characterisation of anisotropic mate…


Imaging technique sheds new light on bacterial mobility

Nanolane | Added: 26 Jun 2012

Using SEEC microscopy, French scientists have discovered that bacterium adhesion and motion are dri…


ORION images reveal climbing skills of geckos

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging | Added: 20 Apr 2012

Researchers have examined the climbing skills of geckos and spiders using the ORION helium ion micr…