Latest Case Studies

Phthalocyanine solid and liquid crystal phases imaged using the Linkam THMS600 stage.

Heating stage aids crystal research

Linkam Scientific Instruments | Added: 2 May 2013

The THMS600 heating stage is being used for liquid crystal research at the University of the Free S…

Episys has been selected to provide labelling software for the manufacturing side of the pharmacy de

Custom labels for pharmacy department

Episys | Added: 1 May 2013

Episys has been selected to provide labelling software for the pharmacy department at Sunderland Ro…

An Evactron De-Contamination system

UCL adopts XEI Scientific technology

XEI Scientific | Added: 30 Apr 2013

The Evactron is being used by University College London’s School of Pharmacy to improve electron mi…

The Atlas lab scale chemistry reactor from Syrris

Atlas reactor aids development of new compounds

Syrris | Added: 30 Apr 2013

Siam Research & Innovation is using an Atlas reactor to investigate the kinetics of cement hydratio…

The Wyatt Calypso

Wyatt succeeds in ABRF-MIRG study

Wyatt Technology | Added: 22 Apr 2013

Wyatt has announced the conclusion of a study into the Calypso system at the ABRF 2013 meeting.


JPK offers system to advance STED microscopy

JPK Instruments | Added: 19 Apr 2013

Scientists couple the chemical information of STED microscopy with high resolution spatial and forc…

Adriele Prina-Mello, Kieran Staunton and Ciaran Maguire (members of the Nanomedicine group, Trinity

Trinity College Dublin advances study with NTA

Nanosight | Added: 18 Apr 2013

Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis is being used in the development of early diagnosis, drug delivery a…


Imperial's search for better catalysts

Asynt | Added: 16 Apr 2013

Imperial College has selected the DrySyn MULTI and parallel synthesis kits to produce novel organom…

Denator's Stabilizor and Maintainor and USB

Denator validates compatibility with MALDI

Denator | Added: 9 Apr 2013

Denator AB’s heat-stabilisation system has been shown to be compatible with MALDI imaging analysis.

Guy de Roo and Bas Kokke

Avacta chosen for pharmaceutical studies

Avacta Analytical | Added: 8 Apr 2013

Pharmaceutical developers have chosen the Avacta Optim 1000 for preliminary formulation studies.

Biobanks rely on the fact that aqueous samples are considered to be stably cryopreserved upon coolin

Non-invasive quality control from Andor

Andor Technology | Added: 5 Apr 2013

Saarland University has used an iDus camera from Andor as part of its Raman-scattering technique.

ambr biosystem reactor

EMBL uses micro bioreactor for insect cell culture

TAP Biosystems | Added: 11 Mar 2013

TAP Biosystems advanced micro bioreactor system is in use at the European Molecular Biology Laborat…

Integra claims lab productivity improvement with Viaflo 96 pipette

Electronic pipette improves lab productivity

INTEGRA Biosciences | Added: 8 Mar 2013

A clinical diagnostic laboratory has improved its real-time PCR assays using to its Viaflo 96 handh…

The SkyJib fittedwith Headwall Phonic's hyperspectral sensor.

Headwall in partnership to improve earth observation

Headwall Photonics | Added: 8 Mar 2013

The TerraLuma project is bringing hyperspectral technology to its fleet of unmanned aircraft system…

IONICON technology deployed on NASA research aircraft

IONICON technology deployed on NASA research aircraft

Ionicon Analytik | Added: 8 Mar 2013

NASA researchers are using a real-time trace gas analyser from IONICON to measure air pollution in …

Researchers at ASU have invested in Tecan units for processing protein microarrays

HS 4800 Pro automated hybridisation station

Tecan | Added: 27 Feb 2013

Researchers at Arizona State University have invested in Tecan units for processing protein microar…

Malvern TDA used for enhanced protein characterisation

Malvern TDA enhances protein characterisation

Malvern Instruments | Added: 21 Feb 2013

Researchers are using multi-detector array size exclusion chromatography (SEC) to improve protein c…


Freeze dried drug dosage to treat muscle atrophy

SP Scientific | Added: 18 Feb 2013

Using a SP Scientific LyoStar, GILYOS GmbH is set to participate in a research program called FORMO…

PhD student, George Burslem

Leeds Uni uses polarimetry to characterise chiral molecules

Analytik | Added: 14 Feb 2013

Analytik reports on the use of a Schmidt Haensch polarimeter for research at Leeds University.


Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis for vaccine characterisation

Nanosight | Added: 11 Feb 2013

NanoSight reports on how Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) is used for vaccine characterisation …