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Julabo circulator

Upgraded laboratory circulators from Julabo

Julabo GmbH | Added: 14 Jul 2015

Julabo refrigerated and heating circulators are in use worldwide, with many different applications …


Stay cool with Julabo recirculating coolers

Julabo GmbH | Added: 2 Mar 2015

Julabo has been setting new standards for reliable and high performance temperature control for ove…

The Electrothermal Paraffin Section Flotation Bath

Paraffin section flotation bath from Bibby

Bibby Scientific | Added: 22 Oct 2014

Electrothermal from Bibby Scientific is updating its Histology range with a Paraffin Section Flotat…

The DrySyn MULTI from Asynt

Multi-position reaction block

Asynt | Added: 31 Jul 2014

The DrySyn MULTI from Asynt converts any standard hotplate stirrer into a high performance reaction…

EchoTherm Model IC20XR

Dry chilling/heating from -10°C to +110°C

Torrey Pines Scientific | Added: 24 Jul 2014

Torrey Pines Scientific has launched the EchoTherm Model IC20XR, Peltier driven Chilling/Heating Dr…

PolyScience Digital Water Baths

Precise temperature water baths

PolyScience | Added: 13 Jun 2014

A line of general purpose water baths combining precise temperature control with full-featured digi…

The PolyScience range of refrigerated circulators

Precise temperature control

PolyScience | Added: 28 Apr 2014

Circulators that providing precise temperature control for cold properties testing applications is …

Models range from immersion circulators, open bath circulators and heating circulators as well as po

New generation refrigerated and heating circulators

Julabo GmbH | Added: 14 Apr 2014

Julabo has introduced its latest generation of refrigerated and heating circulators.

PolyScience now offers 16 low temperature circulators

Programmable circulators from PolyScience

PolyScience | Added: 8 Nov 2013

PolyScience offers 16 low temperature circulators that provide precise temperature control for dema…


Circulator features temperature range of 10°C to 135°C

PolyScience | Added: 15 Jan 2013

The MX Immersion Circulator is designed to provide versatile temperature control for laboratory app…


Baths maintain temperature with ±0.2°C uniformity

PolyScience | Added: 3 Jul 2012

A lrange water baths has been designed with improved temperature control in a wide variety of clini…