Latest Product Update

Lambdafire software package

Imaging software from Craic Technologies

Craic Technologies | Added: 4 Jun 2013

The Lambdafire microspectroscopy imaging platform is designed to collect, analyse and process micro…

Optical surfaces application manual

Practical guide for optics users

Optical Surfaces | Added: 29 May 2013

Optical Surfaces (OS) has published a 12-page guide designed to enable scientists and engineers to …

Voxtel's 64-channel TDC

Event-timing solution for medical imaging

Voxtel, Inc | Added: 2 May 2013

Voxtel has unveiled its TDC event-timing solution for medical imaging, particle and nuclear physics.

Metals Imaged on FlowCAM Imaging Particle Analysis System

FlowCAM detects particles in rinse water

Fluid Imaging Technologies | Added: 2 May 2013

The FlowCAM-ES automatically detects, images, counts and measures metal particles in rinse water.


Non-invasive monitoring of biogas tanks

Flir Systems | Added: 19 Apr 2013

The FLIR GF320 optical gas camera has been designed for effective monitoring of biogas leaks.

Agilent NMR

Agilent introduces data-acquisition software

Agilent Technologies | Added: 18 Apr 2013

The software, VnmrJ 4.0, claims to provide users with a rapid platform to generate enhanced data.

Schematic to illustrate Lorentz Contact Resonance imaging

LCR imaging mode added to Anasys AFM and nanoIR

Anasys Instruments | Added: 10 Apr 2013

Anasys has added the Lorentz Contact Resonance imaging mode to its AFM and nanoIR systems.

voxtel receivers

Voxtel introduces laser rangefinder receivers

Voxtel, Inc | Added: 9 Apr 2013

An avalanche photodiode (APD) receiver claims to have established a benchmark for rangefinding appl…

FLIR imager

Quick and easy detection of refrigerant gas leaks

Flir Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) | Added: 2 Apr 2013

FLIR ATS has announced a system for visualising HFC/CFC  gas leaks.

Resolve Optics

Mini zoom lens for small profile HD cameras

Resolve Optics | Added: 2 Apr 2013

Resolve Optics ultra-compact Z10 HD mini zoom lens has been designed to complement small profile HD…


Servicing of high speed framing and still cameras

Specialised Imaging | Added: 2 Apr 2013

Specialised Imaging (SI) offers high quality servicing and repair of high speed framing and still c…


Portable reflective collimators from Optical Surfaces

Optical Surfaces | Added: 2 Apr 2013

High stability and performance is achieved using a zero expansion off-axis parabola.

Olympus IX83

Olympus to showcase open source microscopy

OLYMPUS EUROPA SE & CO. KG | Added: 27 Mar 2013

Olympus will display its inverted microscope frame series at the Focus on Microscopy exhibition.

Compact laser modules from Z-Laser LYNN

Compact laser modules from Z-Laser

Z-Laser Optoelektronik GmbH | Added: 27 Mar 2013

Z-Laser has unveiled the ZM12 range of laser modules.

The SpectraMax i3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader.

Molecular Devices showcases SpectraMax

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 25 Mar 2013

Molecular Devices showcased its SpectraMax i3 during <Interact> 2013 in Munich last week.

Hiden enhances its IG20 gas ion gun

Hiden announces gas ion gun enhancement

Hiden Analytical | Added: 27 Feb 2013

Hiden has introduced new beam optic and ion source configurations to its IG20 high-brightness gas i…

The Model 287 lens adaptor from Resolve Optics Ltd

Lens adaptor provides full 'zoom through' capability

Resolve Optics | Added: 21 Feb 2013

New adaptor provides a true 0.5x field of view whilst maintaining minimal distortion and high resol…


Filters improve capabilities of IR camera

Flir Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) | Added: 18 Feb 2013

The FLIR X8000sc and X6000sc cameras contain a 4-slot motorised filter wheel.

Malvern launches new Masterclass series on Imaging for particle characterization

Malvern launches Imaging Masterclass webinar series

Malvern Instruments | Added: 14 Feb 2013

Malvern Instruments’ new series of web-based Imaging Masterclasses kicks off on 26 February 2013.

The Morphologi G3-ID from Malvern Instruments.

Combining particle imaging with Raman spectroscopy

Malvern Instruments | Added: 12 Feb 2013

Morphologi G3-ID enables characterisation of individual components present within a blend or mixtur…