Latest Product Update

New imunoassay plate guide from Thermo Fisher

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 13 Jan 2012

Searchable online resource also available in tablet PC format

New website for comet assay

Perceptive Instruments | Added: 8 Dec 2011

Perceptive Instruments is proud to announce the launch of the new-look one-stop website for the com…

Custom Coating Development

Thermo Fisher Scientific | Added: 24 Nov 2011

Thermo Fisher Scientific helps reduce time to market with custom coating service.

Molecular Devices Launches ImageXpress Micro XL

Molecular Devices (UK) | Added: 23 Nov 2011

Molecular Devices Announces the XL model of ImageXpress Micro, the most flexible widefield high con…

Reagent system enables quantitative RNA analysis

Promega UK | Added: 28 Oct 2011

Promega has launched the Gotaq one-step RT-qPCR system designed for the quantitative analysis of RN…

Promega kit improves long-range PCR

Promega UK | Added: 28 Oct 2011

Promega has launched the Gotaq Long PCR Master Mix, an optimised enzyme mixture for improved long-r…

Assay enables research into mitochondria effects

Promega UK | Added: 21 Sep 2011

Promega's cell-based Mitochondrial Toxglo Assay enables researchers to quickly profile large compou…

Proimmune launches T cell assay service

Proimmune | Added: 8 Sep 2011

Proimmune has launched Propresent, an assay service for the direct identification of the portions o…

Assay aids analysis of reporter gene expression

Promega UK | Added: 30 Aug 2011

Promega has launched the One-Glo + Tox assay, which is designed to improve the analysis of reporter…

Anaspec offers Anti-MOG ELISA assay kits

Anaspec | Added: 18 Aug 2011

Anaspec is offering Anti-MOG (Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein) ELISA assay kits.

Quantitative ELISA kit detects Bovine IFN-gamma

AbD Serotec *now part of Bio-Rad* | Added: 16 Aug 2011

AbD Serotec has introduced a new quantitative ELISA kit for detection of Bovine Interferon gamma (I…

Siemens offers syphilis assay for ADVIA Centaur

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics | Added: 15 Aug 2011

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has introduced the ADVIA Centaur Syphilis Assay to detect antibodies…

BD assays enable HSV-1 and HSV-2 detection

BD Diagnostics | Added: 10 Aug 2011

BD Diagnostics has CE marked its fully automated molecular tests to detect and differentiate betwee…

Development programme aimed at biopharmaceuticals

Gyros | Added: 3 Aug 2011

Gyros has announced the completion of a development programme initiated to fulfill the requirements…

Assay enables analysis of leukaemia fusion genes

NanoString Technologies | Added: 2 Aug 2011

Nanostring Technologies has released a multiplexed assay that is designed to enable the simple and …

Assay kit offers longer emission wavelength

Anaspec | Added: 1 Aug 2011

Anaspec's Sensolyte 520 TACE assay kit is claimed to offer fluorescence detection at the industry's…

ELISA test kit detects low levels of lupin in food

Hallmark Analytical Ventures | Added: 20 Jul 2011

Available from Hallmark Analytical Ventures, a new laboratory ELISA test kit from Diagnostic Innova…

IDT assays, primers and probes for qPCR

Integrated DNA Technologies | Added: 14 Jul 2011

Oligonucleotide synthesis specialist Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) offers a range of custom ass…

Anaspec extends range of Sensolyte MMP assay kits

Anaspec | Added: 7 Jul 2011

Anaspec has introduced the Sensolyte 520 MMP-15, 16 and 24 assay kits for high-throughput screening…

Promega introduces sensitive HDAC assays

Promega UK | Added: 5 Jul 2011

Promega's HDAC-Glo bioluminescent assays are designed for the measurement of the relative activitie…