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Mobile and Adjustable Hospital Bed

Smaller sensors make a big difference

Added: 22 Oct 2015

Portability in the healthcare sector is driving a greater demand for smaller sensors, says Honeywel…

Robert Ferris

Big challenges for nanomaterials

Added: 22 Apr 2015

Emerson Process Management’s Robert Ferris looks at the challenges faced by nanomaterials providers…

Point of care testing

Managing quality control in point-of-care testing

Added: 16 Apr 2015

As breakthroughs in medical diagnostics bring earlier and more accurate diagnosis, we’re seeing pat…

Jamie Clayton

Robust powder performance

Added: 31 Mar 2015

A quality assurance protocol based on dynamic powder testing has proven successful for identifying …

Jack Lan

Faster pharma

Added: 28 Jan 2015

InfinityQS global account executive Jack Lan discusses five ways pharmaceutical and medical device …

UWE postgraduate Laura Holding

Fighting Ebola first-hand

Added: 4 Dec 2014

Armed with clinical diagnostics expertise and vital information on the treatment of exotic pathogen…

Anachem pipette swap

Precision pipetting is standard

Added: 13 Oct 2014

The volume and variety of pipettes currently in use makes the protection offered by an internationa…

The most detailed analysis of the human genome has been published by scientists

The next generation

Added: 19 Aug 2014

Nabsys vice president, marketing & business development, Darren Lee, tells LaboratoryTalk how elect…

Value control model

Cash in the cupboard

Added: 3 Jul 2014

Steve Maggs, managing director, European operations at EquipNet discusses the importance of asset m…

Jarrod Hart

Material man

Added: 2 Jul 2014

A culture of risk-taking can help a company to stand out from the crowd, says Imerys process engine…

Laboratory contamination: The final defence mechanism

Laboratory contamination: The final defence mechanism

Added: 23 Jun 2014

In the final part of our exclusive laboratory contamination series, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s glob…

Lab contamination

Laboratory contamination: Preventing contamination

Added: 16 Jun 2014

In the second part of this laboratory contamination series, experts from Thermo Fisher Scientific o…

Laboratory contamination

Laboratory contamination: A three-part series

Added: 11 Jun 2014

Over the next three weeks Laboratorytalk, in partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific, will introd…

Brookfield RST Controlled Stress Rheometer with Cone/Plate Geometry

Yield, creep and recovery

AMETEK Brookfield | Added: 1 May 2014

Brookfield Engineering’s general manager Robert McGregor talks about material flow behaviour, and t…

Paul Holt

Automated laboratory links

Added: 20 Feb 2014

BD Diagnostics’ Paul Holt discusses the options a cytopathology lab has in automating its sample tr…

GCs turning to hydrogen

Gas chromatographers "turning to hydrogen"

Added: 28 Jan 2014

A growing number of laboratory analysts are now using ultra-high purity hydrogen when performing ga…

Lord Robert Winston

Q&A with Lord Robert Winston

Added: 22 Oct 2013

As the final preparations are being made for Lab Innovations 2013 at the NEC, Birmingham on 6-7 Nov…

Paul Clarke- Malvern

Shedding light on scattering theory

Added: 18 Apr 2013

Malvern’s Paul Clarke takes a look at how light scattering theory can improve detector choice.


Pushing the boundaries of liquid chromatography

Shimadzu UK Ltd | Added: 18 Apr 2013

Stuart Phillips, LC/LCMS business manager at Shimadzu UK, explores the company’s recent innovations…

Philip Abbott

The innovation landscape of separations science

Added: 17 Apr 2013

Reach Separations’ Peter Ridgway and Philip Abbott discuss UK research in chromatography.