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Pope Scientific Products can be found in labs worldwide

Distillation and filtration equipment for lab and processing now available from Labtex UK

Added: 30 Aug 2019

The Pope Scientific range of distillation and filtration equipment for labs, pilot plants and produ…


Sartorius' crossflow filtration system 'thinks smart'

Sartorius Group | Added: 24 Jan 2016

Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB) has launched the SARTOFLOW Smart benchtop crossflow system for optim…

Porvair's product validation service

Validation service for polymeric cartridge filters

Porvair Filtration Group | Added: 13 Oct 2014

Porvair Filtration has introduced an in-process, product validation service for its range of polyme…

Extrusion is a simple and nondamaging method of ensuring a homogenous sample.

Simple, fast laboratory extrusion

Biopharma Process Systems | Added: 16 Oct 2013

Liposofast extruders from Avestin are available in the UK and Ireland from processing specialists B…

Biospargers with arm

Sintered porous metal products

Mott Corporation | Added: 17 Sep 2013

Mott Corporation will be displaying all-metal spargers and filter designs at the ISPE Annual Produc…

Porvair filtration group

Systems for nuclear decommissioning

Porvair Filtration Group | Added: 6 Sep 2013

Porvair Filtration Group is a specialist supplier of clean-up filtration systems for nuclear decomm…


Filter offers faster processing of cell culture media

Parker Domnick Hunter | Added: 5 Oct 2012

A mycoplasma retentive filter for cell culture media has been launched by Parker Domnick Hunter.

Filtration media advance

Mott Corporation | Added: 25 Jan 2012

Mott technology for the MDandM West trade show

Bench top cartridge filters

Porvair Filtration Group | Added: 19 Jan 2012

Porvair cartridge filters optimised for bench top scale-up experiments and pilot plant evaluations

Microbal-rated cartridge for bio liquid filtration

Porvair Filtration Group | Added: 5 Dec 2011

The Biofil Plus range of microbial-rated cartridge has been developed for filtration of complex bio…

Porvair offers sintered porous plastic materials

Porvair Filtration Group | Added: 11 Nov 2011

Porvair Filtration's Biovyon range of sintered porous plastic materials and products has been devel…

Image analyser for particulate applications

Whitehouse Scientific | Added: 2 Nov 2011

Whitehouse Scientific has introduced a new version of its Shapesizer image analyser, which was used…

Porvair to present Biovyon materials

Porvair Filtration Group | Added: 21 Oct 2011

Porvair Filtration will present regulatory-approved materials - suitable for in-vitro filtration, s…

Porvair presents ChIP assay technology

Porvair Filtration Group | Added: 20 Oct 2011

Porvair Filtration showcased its Chromatrap chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay technology a…

Porvair offers tissue-culture treated plasticware

Porvair Filtration Group | Added: 3 Oct 2011

Porvair Sciences has launched a range of quality-controlled tissue-culture treated laboratory plast…

Conference discusses gas and liquid filtration

Whitehouse Scientific | Added: 13 Jul 2011

Whitehouse Scientific is sponsoring 'Filter Media 5', the Filtration Society's annual conference an…

Porex introduces SQ-Easy diagnostic filters

Porex | Added: 11 May 2011

Porex's new SQ-Easy pre-filters are designed for a variety of diagnostic and point-of-care applicat…

Filter plates optimised for many applications

Porvair Sciences | Added: 26 Apr 2011

Porvair Sciences has developed a range of filter plates for applications such as cell harvesting, D…

Sterilin filtration products for life scientists

Sterilin | Added: 21 Mar 2011

The Sterilin range of filtration products is designed to enable life scientists to find a syringe f…

Syringe filter for heavy-duty sample clarification

Phenomenex | Added: 4 Feb 2011

Phenomenex has introduced the Phenex -GF/NY dual-membrane syringe filter for viscous, particulate-l…