All HTS and combinatorial chemistry equipment


Combinational flow chemistry from Uniqsis

Uniqsis Ltd | Added: 9 May 2013

The FlowSyn Auto-LF loop filling module performs combinatorial flow chemistry experiments.

The Atlas lab scale chemistry reactor from Syrris

Atlas reactor aids development of new compounds

Syrris | Added: 30 Apr 2013

Siam Research & Innovation is using an Atlas reactor to investigate the kinetics of cement hydratio…

Agilent launches protein purification system

Agilent Technologies | Added: 2 Feb 2011

Agilent Technologies has launched the Assaymap Bravo platform and protein purification cartridges -…

Triple laser microplate cytometer suits HCS

TTP LabTech | Added: 20 Sep 2006

TTP LabTech initiated the second generation of high content screening (HCS) systems with the launch…

Popper named to 100 most notable

Popper And Sons | Added: 10 Jul 2006

Joseph Popper, president and CEO of Popper and Sons, was named to 100 most notable people in the me…

Cellomics confers with European customers

Cellomics Europe | Added: 28 Jun 2006

More than 60 customers shared their experiences and provided insight for development of new tools d…

Beckman Coulter selects Cellomics for HCS services

Cellomics Europe | Added: 13 Jun 2006

Cellomics, the creator of high content screening (HCS), has reached an agreement to provide mainten…

Expanded functionality of ArrayScan HCS readers

Cellomics Europe | Added: 2 Jun 2006

Cellomics launches its new VTI Live option for the ArrayScan VTI high-content screening (HCS) reade…

Strengthening reagent portfolio through BioImage

Cellomics Europe | Added: 27 Apr 2006

Fisher Biosciences has acquired BioImage to expand its offering in high content screening and analy…

Collaborating on cell biology for life sciences

Cellomics Europe | Added: 1 Feb 2006

Agreement involves high content screening (HCS) technology and specific HCS assays such as cytoplas…

Collaborating with Max Planck over HCS

Cellomics Europe | Added: 2 Nov 2005

Collaboration objectives include a mix of applications and new product development, as well as esta…

Tube formation in high-content angiogenesis assays

Cellomics Europe | Added: 13 Sep 2005

Image analysis algorithm allows scientists to quantitatively analyse angiogenic tube formation in v…

European focus for high-content screening

Cellomics Europe | Added: 23 Jun 2005

Cellomics expands European operations through user group implementation and expanded support groups

High-content screening reader is upgraded

Cellomics Europe | Added: 8 Jun 2005

Scientists will now have the ability to use the extensive portfolio of bioapplication image analysi…

Cell reader sold to China

Cellomics Europe | Added: 5 Apr 2005

First live-cell imaging system in China will be used for drug discovery programme, and the first-ev…

Upgrading of high content screening reader

Cellomics Europe | Added: 23 Dec 2004

Consists of new software features and ease-of-use improvements as well as a new shutterless, high-p…

Expanding availability of high content screening

Cellomics Europe | Added: 12 Nov 2004

Agreement will provide BD with Cellomics's core high content screening patent portfolio that includ…

High-content community goes online

Cellomics Europe | Added: 15 Sep 2004

Cellomics announces the launch of Club HCS, a new on-line user forum and information resource centr…

Expansion of high content screening into China

Cellomics Europe | Added: 14 Sep 2004

Shanghai AnXing Scientific Instrument and Materials Import and Export (Anxing) of Shanghai, China a…

Acceleration of cell-based drug discovery

Cellomics Europe | Added: 8 Sep 2004

First high-content screening and analysis solution being used by bio-pharmaceutical researchers to …