Latest Product Update

Rotary-pumped system for coating applications

Electron Microscopy Sciences | Added: 24 Jun 2010

Electron Microscopy Sciences has introduced the EMS 150R, a compact rotary-pumped coating system su…

Store allows probe selection for force measurement

Asylum Research | Added: 11 Jun 2010

Asylum Research has announced that its automated AFM/SPM Probe Store is now online, enabling simple…

FEI launches Helios dual-beam instruments

FEI | Added: 27 Apr 2010

FEI Company has introduced a range of dual-beam instruments that delivers an imaging and milling ca…

Hitachi unveils tabletop microscope at show

Hitachi High Technologies | Added: 21 Apr 2010

Hitachi High-Technologies will launch the TM3000 Tabletop Microscope and SU8000 ultra-high performa…

Ilion+ offers planar surface preparation for SEM

Gatan | Added: 19 Apr 2010

Gatan has introduced the Ilion+, a dedicated ion-beam-based system for the preparation of large are…

Jeol offers thin-film phase plates for TEMs

Jeol USA | Added: 8 Apr 2010

Jeol is offering commercially available thin-film phase-plate technology to life-science customers.

Asylum Research releases OPV application note

Asylum Research | Added: 1 Apr 2010

Asylum Research has announced an application note by the Ginger group at the University of Washingt…

Graphene support films enable TEM characterisation

Electron Microscopy Sciences | Added: 12 Mar 2010

Electron Microscopy Sciences has announced the addition of graphene transmission electron microscop…

Phenom launches sample holders for desktop SEM

Phenom-World | Added: 11 Feb 2010

Phenom-World has launched a collection of sample holders and inserts for the Phenom desktop scannin…

TM3000 microscope provides 30,000x magnification

Hitachi High Technologies | Added: 1 Feb 2010

Hitachi High-Technologies has introduced the next generation TM3000 Tabletop microscope.

Jeol enhances Accutof-Dart mass spectrometer

Jeol USA | Added: 26 Jan 2010

Jeol's latest version of the Accutof-Dart, the Dart SVP (simplified voltage and pressure), offers n…

Asylum announces European AFM in Biology Class

Asylum Research | Added: 4 Jan 2010

Atomic Force and Asylum Research have announced that the first European AFM in Biology Class will b…

Asylum offers grant for Band Excitation technique

Asylum Research | Added: 20 Nov 2009

Asylum Research, a specialist in scanning probe and atomic force microscopy (SPM/AFM), has launched…

Hitachi launches spectrometer for TM-1000

Hitachi High Technologies | Added: 2 Nov 2009

Hitachi has announced a custom-designed Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) for its TM-1000 Tablet…

Clairscope combines high-end LM with high-res ASEM

Jeol USA | Added: 22 Oct 2009

Jeol has introduced the Clairscope, a correlative microscopy tool that combines a high-end light mi…

MIT researchers select Novelx benchtop SEM

Novelx | Added: 13 Oct 2009

The Nanostructures Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently purchased…

Novelx mySEM runner up in journal innovation award

Novelx | Added: 21 Sep 2009

Novelx has been selected as the runner up for a Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award in …

AFM in Biology class to be held in October 2009

Asylum Research | Added: 11 Sep 2009

Asylum Research has announced that its atomic force microscopy (AFM) in biology class will be held …

FEI products analyse gunshot residues in forensics

FEI | Added: 4 Sep 2009

FEI Company has released two dedicated scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) and a software package …

Jeol books outline scanning electron microscopes

Jeol USA | Added: 13 Aug 2009

Jeol has developed two publications that explain the theory and operation of the scanning electron …